You will need a Pc or a Mac to broadcast live on our webcam network. A chrome book or a tablet will not work because of capacity issues with broadcasting live in HD! We strongly suggest using a wired internet connection over a Wi-Fi connection. If a Wi-Fi connection is all you have at this time, then utilize your Wi-Fi for the best and strongest connection. You can check your internet connection speed by clicking on An upload speed of 0.8Mbps or higher is recommended. If you need more internet speed, please contact your internet service provider and ask them for more speed. To learn more about  your internet speed,watch this tutorial on how to run an accurate internet speed test. 

If you do not have a working desktop or laptop computer, here are two options that will get you broadcasting live on our webcam chat network. First you can rent a new computer for $19 per week with NO growing interest, delivery and free setup and service. Cancel at any time. For further information on renting a computer please
click here!

The second option you can do to begin working with us as a webcam model is to purchase a new computer.  Whether you decide to buy a new laptop or desk computer is up to you. Yes you can broadcast live on either computer, but using a desktop computer with an external webcam will give you a better broadcast experience for higher earnings. We recommend using an external 
Logitech HD Webcam. If you decide to purchase a laptop to begin your webcam modeling job, you can go to any retailer and purchase a new, powerful and well equipped laptop or desk top computer that will support all you will need to broadcast live on our network in HD. To see laptops and pricing, please click here.

Our webcam networks use flash technology to allow our models to broadcast live HD streaming video and operating their model interface. We strongly suggest checking to see if you have the newest version of adobe flash. You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash from the Adobe website for free by clicking here
Adobe Flash. 

While broadcasting on our network, it is very important to use the best web browser for a stable and solid connection. We strongly suggest using the Firefox browser to give you the best broadcasting experience for the highest possible earnings.

If you are just getting started as a webcam model and can't afford a lighting kit you can use 2 lamps to your front right and front left. Make sure the lamps have 75 to 100 watt bulbs in them. Also make sure not to have to much light behind or above you when working your webcam job. Just taking these simple steps will make a huge difference in the quality of your live video chat when working for our webcam modeling agency. Unlike a stripper job webcam modeling is safe. Live webcam models please follow these simple equipment needed steps to make sure you make the most money possible when working your webcam modeling job.

A webcam modeling job is a journey that starts with small steps. Working with The Webcam Modeling Company, we will work with you each and every step of the way to assure your webcam modeling success.  Let our years of experience work hard for you. To become a webcam model with the Webcam Modeling Company
apply here! 

The Webcam Modeling Company can help you with equipment assistance. Of course we are not saying we will just go and buy you a new laptop computer. If we feel you have great earning potential, then we do offer a program to assist you with getting the proper equipment you will need to start your webcam modeling career with us. For further detail, please
contact us or just give us a call, 860-716-0772. Our staff consists of past and current webcam models which are very knowledgeable in the webcam modeling industry and can address all your concerns and questions. What are you waiting for, go to our contact page and apply to become a webcam model today!

When performing live as a webcam model, make sure you work from a secured place and you have a lot of privacy. Make sure your working area is well lighted and there is not a bunch of clutter, pets and other distractions like a television or loud music to distract your viewing customers. If you can, possibly work from your bedroom to set up that intimate online experience for your customers. We will work with you right from the first day you apply and throughout your webcam modeling career. Once your webcam model account is set up, all you will need to do is log in and start to chat with the millions of visitors to our broadcasting network each and every day. You will never have to worry about finding the traffic to your live chat, we do all the work for you.

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Above are some company logos that will be helpful to you in determining what you will need for assistance and equipment for your new webcam modeling job. If you have further questions regarding your equipment or just general questions, please give us a call 1-860-716-0772. We are here to help you every step of the way.
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